LF13: BR218 orientred with mintgreen Cab

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In this package you master the local traffic along the Rhine between Frankfurt and Cologne or in the middle of Saxony between Riesa and Dresden
2 x Riesa - Dresden
4 x Cologne - Koblenz
4 x -Frankfurt - Koblenz
All scenarios are very demanding due to a tight schedule. Of course, this package again includes train announcements and train destination displays at the stations. All passenger trains run according to the original 2021 timetable.
Required routes: Riesa-Dresden, Cologne-Koblenz Frankfurt-Koblenz (all from DTG)
Required add-ons: DB Bnrdzf MiGr Diesel / BR218 ORot (virtual Railroads), TTB scenario package 3 (Trainteam Berlin)
Features at a glance: very challenging scenarios, more than 12 hours of fun, train announcements, ZZA displays at the train stations.

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