TP5 - historical long distance trains

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In four scenarios, you will be driving the DB E10 (2xHamburg-Hannover, 2x Nuremberg-Ingolstadt), the DB BR 103TEE from virtual Railroads (2x Hamburg-Hannover, 2xBerlin-Leipzig) and 2 scenarios the DR BR252 (Berlin-Leipzig ).

All locomotives are locomotives from the EL series of the company virtual Railroads.

Required material:

Routes: Nuremberg-Ingolstadt (GBE), Hamburg-Hannover Steam, Berlin-Leipzig (vT or Steam)

Roll Material: DB E10 F Train, DR BR 156 / DR Comfort Car, DB BR103 TEE (all from vR), TTB Scenario Package 1 (TrainTeam Berlin), Metronome (Steam), BR 442

Features: more than 10 hours of driving fun, train announcements, the original simulated AI passenger transport

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