Loco drivver 11: BR 101 EL vr)

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Take the modern BR 101 from Munich to Augsburg, from Munich via Rosenheim to Salzburg or along the Rhine from Frankfurt to Koblenz.

The package contains 12 scenarios: 2 for Munich-Augsburg, 4 for Munich-Rosenheim, 4 for Rosenheim-Salzburg and 3 for Frankfurt-Koblenz. In continuation scenarios, you drive the entire route from Munich via Rosenheim to Salzburg.

For the first time, the stations are equipped with up-to-date train destination display boards. The trains run according to the original 2020 timetable. Of course there are also train announcements again

Required routes: Munich-Augsburg, Munich-Rosenheim, Frankfurt-Koblenz (all Steam), Salzburg-Rosenheim (RSSLO)

Required add-ons: BR 101 ICE EL, BR 101 MET EL, BR 101 IC EL (all virtual railroads), TTB scenario package 2 (TTB)

Features at a glance: more than 14 hours of fun, realistic AI traffic, train announcements, train destination displays at the stations.

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tax free because of § 19 USStG

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