Transport order

Transport order

Transport orders are scenario packages where you drive regional trains, long distance trains and freight trains, so any kinds of tasks a traindriver has to manage.

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Product no.: MF1001

Drive regional trains- S-Bahns, Eurocity and freight trains over the Railroads route Berlin-Dreseden 2012.

3.59 **
Product no.: ME1001

Please drive a regional train from Lübeck to Hamburg Hbf. You need the ProTrain(R)-Addon 23 (Hamburg-Puttgarden).

0.99 **
Product no.: ME1002

Please drive a regional train from Cottbus to Frankfurt (Oder).

Required Addon: ProTrain(R) 33 Cottbus - Frankfurt (Oder).

0.99 **
Product no.: ME1003

This scenario is the conitunation of the single scenario 2.

Now you drive the RE 18164 from Frankfurt (Oder) to Brandenburg Hbf.

0.99 **
Product no.: MK1001

Drive a regional train from Cottbus to Frankfurt (Oder) and then drive a regional train to Brandenburg Hbf.

Required Addons: ProTrain33 and TSP.

1.59 **
tax free because of § 19 USStG