Loco driver 12: Drive the ICE 4 (2)

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In this package this time you drive the ICE4 through Germany. Drive from Cologne to Frankfurt or from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe or drive through Saxony from Dresden to Riesa.

This package includes scenarios for the following routes:

3 x Cologne - Koblenz

3 x Frankfurt - Koblenz

2 x Frankfurt Highspeed

2 x Riesa - Dresden

This package has of course train announcemengts and train destination displays at the platforms. Your train and the AI-traffic use the original timetable from 2021.

Reauired-Addons: Frankfurt-Kolenz, Cologne-Koblenz, Frankfurt Highspeed, Riesa-Dresden (all DTG), ICE4 and KI-traffic package freight trains (all 3DZug)

Feautes: more than 10 hours fun, train announcements, destination displays at the platforms, useage of original timetables, realistic AI-traffic

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tax free because of § 19 USStG

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