Drehkreuz 1: Frankfurt Highspeed

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In this package you have the possibility to drive ICEs between Frankfurt and Karlsruhe or regional trains between Biblis and Karlsruhe or Mannheim and Frankfurt.

The package 4 ICE scenarios and 6 regional train scenarios.

All player trains and AI trains are, as far as feasible, modeled on the original timetable. Of course, all scenarios have again announcements.

Required add-ons: Frankfurt Highspeed (Steam), BR 110 + Wittenberger Steuerwagen, BR 111 orot with Dostos Mint EL (both virtual railroads), 3dZug KI freight train package (3dZug).

A package as DTG version is expected to publish in January.

Features: more than 11 hours of gameplay, train announcements, implementation of original timetables

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