One day between Constance and Villingen

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The day begins at six in the morning with a Regional Express from Constance to Villingen and ends late in the evening with a freight train from Villingen to Constance.

In a total of 12 scenarios you drive the BR 112 EL (vR), the Flirt 3 in the Seehas version, the BR 189 EL and the BR 103 Touristik EL.

All of the scenarios have authentic, original AI passenger transport and the passenger train have the popular train announcements.

The weather is not always on your side, the winter is broken again and it always snows again in the course of the day.

Required route: Konstanz - Villingen (virtual Railroads)

Required Addons: BR 189 EL, BR 103 Touristik EL, BR 112 EL (all from virtual Railroads), Flirt 3 (Christrains), Seehas-Repaint (link available in the attached scenario description).

Features: time-sequential scenarios, authentic AI traffic, train announcements, more than 13 hours driving time

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