For the animals (vR-Version)

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In this package, drive the BR 103 TEE between Hamburg and Hanover, Berlin and Leipzig, and Munich and Rosenheim.

The weather is not always good and makes the ride a special challenge for you.

Of course, there are again train announcements, the AI ​​passenger traffic uses the original timetable.

The revenue of € 6.95 will this time be donated to Tiershutzverein / Tierheim Hamburg without deductions. So you not only buy a versatile package, you also donate at the same time for animals.

My special thanks to Andreas and Daniel6304 for their announcements and Fan for the permission to use his Meridian-Repaint.

Features: 6 exciting with different levels of difficulty, train announcements, use of original timetables, more than 8 hours of fun.

Required routes: Hamburg-Hannover, Berlin-Leipzig, Munich-Rosenheim (all via Steam)

further addons: Virtual Railroads BR 103 TEE; Christrains: Stadler Flirt 3; Steam: metronome; Versystem: TEE Repaint, Metronome Repaint; Trainteam Berlin: Scenario Package 1 + 2; Meridian Repaint (Link in the scenario description)

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