SP8 - Südbahn

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In this scenariopackage you have the possibility to drive over the whole Südbahn for the first time. This package includes 12 scenarios: Railjets (2 scenarios), Eurocitys (2 scenarios), S-Bahnen (4 scenarios), regional trains (2 scenarios) and freight trains (2 scenarios). All scenarios, accept of the regional trains, have two parts.

All trains use the original timetable, the AI-traffic uses the original timetable as soon as possible. All passenger scenarios have announcements.

Required addons: Südbahn, Südbahn (Bruck/Mur-Maribor), ÖBB 1016, ÖBB 4020, ÖBB 4024, SZ 363, BR 187 (only for the freight scenarios), Wagon-Pack 1, Saadkms Freight WagonsBcmz Carriages (all from       RSSLO); Railjet Advanced (Just Trains with Update)

Features:12 scenarios, scenarios in 2 parts, more then 15 hours fun, announcements, trains use original timetables

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