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In this package, the Higshspeed refers more to the express trains, with which you can drive on the Südbahn or Ennstalbahn.

Drive a Railjet on the Südbahn from Graz via Bruck an der Mur to Wiener Neustadt or a Eurocity between Maribor and Wiener Neustadt Hbf.

In 2 scenarios you drive over the Ennstalbahn between Selzthal and Bischofshofen.

The scenarios have authentic train announcements. The player trains, as well as the AI passenger trains drive according to the original timetable of 2018.The scenarios are characterized by a high degree of reality.

Required routes: Southern Railway, Southern Railway Bruck / Mur - Maribor, Ennstalbahn

Required addons: Railjet Advanced (Just Trains), ÖBB 1016, ÖBB 4024, Wagon Pack 1 + 2 (both RSSLO), ÖBB 1144 (Freeware - Railwlorks Austria)

Features at a glance: over 13 hours of gameplay, use of original timetables, high levels of reality, authentic train announcements

With the Fancard 20, you only pay € 8,76. You would save 2,19 €.

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