Drehkreuz 2: Rollbahn

Drehkreuz 2: Rollbahn

Product no.: R1076
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This time the package includes 2 scenarios for the Nordwestbahn, 2 for the Eurobahn, 2 regional express and 2 Intercitys.

You drive with a Stadler Flirt 3 for the NWB or ERB, the BR 111 with Dostos (EL) or the IC-senarios with the BR 120 IC EL.

The player-scenarios and the AI-traffic are based on the original timetables.

3 diffrent speakers speak the train announcements.

Now it is winter and the tours are not very easy and there are some problems, especially with the long distance tours.

Required Addons: Münster-Bremen (virtual Tracks), Stadler Flirt 3 (Christrains), BR 111 Dostos (EL), BR 120 IC (EL) (both virtual Railroads), 3dZug-KI-Paket (3dZug).

Features: more than 7.5 hours fun, various scenarios, announcements from 3 diffrent speakers, original timetables

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