Gole-Edition 1: Day of the Saxonias

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2019 was the last day of the Saxonias in Riesa. The S-Bahn Leipzig drove to Riesa this days.

In 8 scenarios you drive regional trains, communter trains and special trains between Leipzig and Dresden.

This package of the serie Gold-Edition has the following particularities:

- Useage of high quality rolling stock (EL-packages from virtual Railroads)

- original train announcements in regional and commuter trains

- Train destination displays at various stations

Of course all passenger trains use the original timetable.

These are the scenarios:

3 x regional express with BR 112 EL

3 x S-Bahn Leipzig with BR 143 2022

2 x special train between Leipzig and Dresden (BR 243 town express)

Because of the celebrities you drive historic railcars.

Required Addons: BR 112 EL, BR 143 2022, BR 243 town express (all vR), Doppelstockwagen DBvq and DBvu, AI-traffic package 2 (both 3DZug)

Features: 8 scenarios, more than 12 hours fun, useage of high quality rolling stock, original train announcements, train destination displays, useage of original timetables

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