XL01 - regional traffic

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"Driving pleasure" is the motto of the new XL series from ZugSimFan. So that this joy can last long enough, these packages include 20 scenarios.

Master regional traffic across Germany. Of course, this package again includes train announcements and player trains and AI trains are based on the original 2020 schedule (before the Corona crisis).

In addition to the routes, only the TTB scenario package 3 is required, so it also saves your wallet.

Required addons: Münster-Bremen (virtual tracks), Nuremberg-Regensburg (DTG), Frankfurt Highspeed (DTG), Hamburg-Lübeck (DTG), TTB scenario package 3 (Trainteam Berlin)

Features: low acquisition costs, more than 19 hours of fun, train announcements, use of original timetables, 20 varied scenarios

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