BP12 - S-Bahn Munich

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In this package you drive S-Bahnen in Munich, each 10 scenarios for the class 420 and class 423

8 x S1 (between Leuchtenbergring and Freising/Airport)

4 x S2 (Munich central st. - Dachau/Petsrshausen

2 x S3 (München central st. - Mammendorf)

3 x S6 (Munich central st, - Tutzing)

3 x S6 (Munich central st. - Grafing)

The S6 scenarios are continuation scenarios, so you can drive the S6 completely fromTutzing to Grafing.

All scenarios have train announcements and all passenger trains use the original timetable.

Required routes: S1 Munich, Munich-Nuremberg (both RSSLO), Munich-Augsburg, Munich-Garmisch, Munich-Rosenheim (all Steam)

Required Addons: BR 423 (RSSLO), BR 420 and the orange and Airport version (Steam), AI-traffic package 2 (3DZug)

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