DK15 - Karlsruhe - Strasbourg

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In 10 scenarios yo drive this time betwwen Karlsruhe and Strasbourg or Offenburg.

1 x ICE


2 x IC (Karlsruhe - Offenburg)

1 x RE

2 x SWE

3 x S-Bahn

All scenarios us the original timetable from 2021 and have train announcements. The stations have ZZAs.

Required Route: Karlsruhe - Strasbourg (DTG)

Required rolling-stock: BR 101 IC EL, BR 442 (DTG); BR423(RSSLO/RWA), AI-traffic pack freight (3DZug)

Features: more then 5.5 hours fun, ZZAs at the stations, train announcements, useage of original timetables


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