XL02: commuter trains in Germany

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The new XL package is once again under the motto "driving pleasure". This time you ride S-Bahn trains for the Rhein-Main S-Bahn and the Munich S-Bahn in a total of 20 scenarios.

In Munich, for example, you drive the S6 completely from Tutzing to Grafing and back. (2-part scenarios).

You will drive the scenarios with the BR 425 from Trainsim Germany and the BR 430 from Railtraction.

All scenarios have train announcements again and the trains run according to the original 2020 timetable from March 2020 (before Corona). This ensures extensive train traffic on the routes.

Required routes from Steam: S-Bahn Rhein-Main, Munich-Augsburg, Munich-Rosenheim, Munich-Garmisch

Required addons: BR 425 (3DZug), BR430 (Railtraction), TTB scenario package 2 (TTB)

Features at a glance: more than 14 hours of fun, extensive AI traffic, train announcements, use of original timetables

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