Loco driver 06: NJ Hamburg - Zürich

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This time you drive on a spring day with changing weather a Nightjet from Hamburg to Hannover and on the next day from Frankfurt or Mannheim to Karlsruhe and from Freiburg to Basel and back.

This scenario package includes 2 scenarios (with 3 parts), of course with announcements. The original timetable 2020 is used.

You will drive a BR 101. Enjoy the tour in the early morning or late evening through Germany.

Required Addons: Hamburg-Hannover, Frankfurt Highspeed, Freiburg-Basel, Metronom (all Steam), BR 101 IC EL (vR); TTB scenario package (TTB).

Features: approx. 5 hours of fun, scenarios in more parts, useage of original timetables, announcements


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