Drehkreuz Gotthardbahn

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This time, this package includes 10 scenarios for the Gotthard Railway from Rivetgames. In 2 scenarios you drive the "KISS" Dostos and in 2 scenarios the Pendlerzug (both trains from Trainworxx).

Of course, the original timetable of 2019 was implemented as good as possible in all scenarios.

The announcements on all regional trains are trilingual (German, French and Italian) this time.

Required addons: Gotthardbahn (Steam), KI freight package (3D train), SBB CFF FFS RABe 511 train set, SBB CFF FFS Re 4/4 I shuttle train (both from Trainworxx)

Features at a glance: 10 varied scenarios, more than 13 hours of fun, trilingual announcements, use of the original 2019 schedule

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