BP04 - Nahverkehr Nürnberg-Regensburg

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Drive trains between Nuremberg and Regensburg: 2 RE trains between Nuremberg and Regensburg, 2 ag- trains between Regensburg and Neumarkt (Oberpfalz) and 2 S-trains between Nuremberg and Neumarkt (Oberpf.)

The new package from Trainteam Berlin (package 3) ensures a varied AI traffic.

Of course, all scenarios have train announcements. The times of the driver trains and the AI traffic come from the original timetable of 2019.

Features at a glance: 6 interesting scenarios, using high quality rolling stock, train announcements, use of original timetables.

Required addons: Nuremberg-Regensburg (Steam), BR 430, Twindexx (both Railtraction), TTB-Scenario Package 3 (Trainteam Berlin)

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