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Today we go to the Munich region. Master the local, long-distance and freight traffic around the Bavarian state capital.

The package includes versatile and interesting scenarios. Take the S3 direction Mammendorf or the S4 direction Grafing.

You take over the regional traffic between Munich and Augsburg or you drive a Meridien from Munich to Rosenheim.

Drive an ICE between Munich and Augsburg.

For the first time, the package also includes 2 freight train scenarios created by our new team member Peter for us.

Of course, the AI ​​traffic again corresponds to the current original timetable. Of course, all passenger train scenarios have authentic train announcements again.

Required routes: Munich-Rosenheim, Munich-Augsburg

Required addons: ICE4 (3D train), BR 425 (TSG), BR 440, BR 155 (both Steam), TTB Scenario Package 2 (Trainteam Berlin)

Features at a glance: 12 varied scenarios, train announcements, use of original timetables, more than 8 hours of gameplay

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