North metropoles 2 (EL)

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In the new package you can expect 4 ICE, 4 IC and 2 GZ scenarios between Lübeck and Hamburg and Hamburg and Hanover.

The ICEs drive the complete distance between Luebeck and Hanover. Furthermore, a scenario contains a loco change. Furthermore, the AI traffic was optimized in all scenarios.

Of course, all scenarios contain again train announcements.

ATTENTION: In all scenarios, the appropriate Ebula timetables are included.

The scenarios and Ebula plans can be easily installed with an included installer.

Required routes: Hamburg - Lübeck, Hamburg-Hannover

Required rolling stock: DB BR 101 / Apmbzf ICE EL, DB BR 101 / Apmzf MET EL, DB BR 189 EL (all vR), KI-Verkehrspack (3dZug), BR 424, BR 474.1, Metronome (all Steam)

Features: more than 11 hours of gameplay, Ebula timetables, train announcements, varied scenarios, improved AI traffic


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