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The firm Krupp built the BR 10, but only 2 locomotives of this serie. The firm Krupp delivered the 10 001 1957 to the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

Because of the high axle load the DB can only use the loco for only a few routes in western Germany..They also recognize that the time of the Steam locos are over.

Normally you find the BR 10 001 in the museum in Neumarkt Wirsberg and the BR 10 002 was scrapped.

In this addon you have the possibility to drive this loco again in 6 scenarios from Hamburg to Hannover, Berlin to Leipzig and Munich to Augsburg (each 2 scenarios).

The AI-personal traffic drive with the original timetable and all scenarios have announcements.

Reauired Addons: Hamburg-Hannover (Steam), Berlin-Leipzig (Steam or vT), Munich-Augsburg (Steam), DB BR 10(Steam), TTB-Scenario package 1+2 (Berlin-Leipzig, Munich-Augsburg) (TTB), Metronom (Steam)

Features: 6 scenarios, more than 9 hours fun, original timetables (AI-personal traffic), announcements.


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