One day between Munich and Innsbruck (DTG)

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In this package you work the whole day between Munich - Garmisch-Patenkirchen and Innsbruck.You drive regional trains, some trains over the whole route, and S-Bahnen in Munich and Innsbruck.In this package you drive scenarios over the Mittenwaldbahn from DTG. So you drive the 4020 and 2016 which you can buy in a package with the Mittenwaldbahn by DTG.

Every scenario has improved announcements and original KI-traffic. This package promises more than 12 hours fun.

Reqired routes: München-Garmisch (DTG), Mittenwaldbahn (DTG)

Required addons: ÖBB 4020, ÖBB 2016, BR 442 (all DTG), TTB scenario package 2 (TTB)

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