Scenario package: Hamburg-Lubeck

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This time you can receive a scenario package again. This package includes 2 ICEs, 2 EC/ICs, 2 REs; 2 RBs and 2 freight scnearios between Hamburg and Lübeck. All passenger trains drive with the actual timetable. The AI passenger trains use the original time table as soon as possible. All passenger scenarios have announcements. Here you will see some new improvements.

Required Addons: Hamburg-Luebeck (DTG), ICE-TD (DTG), BR 120 IC EL, Bnbdzf / BR 110 EL BF Verkehrsrot, BR 189 EL (all three addons are from virtual Railroads, TTB scenario package 1 Berlin -Wittenberg (TTB).

You will get: 10 interesting scenarios (local, long distance traffic, freight traffic, the original timetable used, realistic AI-traffic, more then 6 hours driving trains, train announcements.

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