BP05 - train changes

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This time, the basis for this package is a fictional story, which may one day bedome reality.

Deutsche Bahn plans to jointly acquire new S-Bahn trains for Hamburg and Berlin.

In addition to various considerations, the respective foreign trains are tested in the cities in order, among other things, to check the acceptance by the passengers.

In this package, you drive the S1 in Hamburg with Berlin S-Bahn trains, and the S25 or S26 in Berlin with trains of the Hamburg S-Bahn in 8 scenarios.

Required Addons: Hambur S1 (DTG), Through Berlin (vT), BR481 (TTB), BR 474.3 (DTB)

Features: 4 scenarios for S-Bahn Hamburg, 4 scvenarios for S25 in Berlin, more than 8 hours fun, train announcements, useage of original timetables.

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