NLNB - RE 70 (4567)

NLNB - RE 70 (4567)

Product no.: A204
tax free because of § 19 UStG

Today it goes with the Twindexx from Railtraction from Frankfurt (Main) main station to Mannheim main station

You drive the original timetable and the AI traffic is modeled after the original.

Of course, this scenario again has train announcements.

Recipients of the newsletter will receive a coupon code and pay only 0.89 € for the scenario. Fancard owners please order in advance, but then transfer anything. The download will then be unlocked.

Required addons: Frankfurt Highspeed (DTG), Twindexx vario (Railtraction).

Features: approx. 70 minutes driving pleasure, use of original timetables, train announcements

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tax free because of § 19 USStG

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