Drehkreuz Black Forrest

Drehkreuz Black Forrest

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Drive in a total of 10 scenarios regional express, SBB trains and freight trains between Constance and Hausach. You drive through the Black Forest quite colorful and shows the color variety of the last decades of the DB. Starting with the BR 141 and Silberlingen, over mint green double-decker cars pulled by an orient red BR 111, up to the modern Twindexx or the BR 189 in the freight traffic.

Of course, in all passenger trains, train announcements can be heard again. The player trains and the AI ​​trains go back to the original timetable 2019. This timetable is often very difficult and requires all your skills.

Required addons: Konstanz-Villingen (vR or Steam), Hausach-Villingen (TSG), BR111orto with Dostos mint (vR), BR 141 blue-winged with Silberlingen (vR), BR 189 (vR), Twindexx (Railtraction), TTB Scenario Package 3 (TTB)

Features at a glance: more than 15 hours of fun, train announcements, use of the original timetable, demanding scenarios due to the tight timetable

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