Loco driver 3: Karlsruher Zug

Loco driver 3: Karlsruher Zug

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The Karlsruhe train is a bit unusual in modern S-Bahn traffic today, but it's well worth the drive.

This package includes 4 scenarios for the S-Bahn Rhein-Main, 4 for the Cologne Airport Link and 2 for Munich-Augsburg. The current timetables were implemented as far as possible. The Trainteam Berlin Package 2 provides enough variety in AI traffic.

Think New Fly New has again created an interesting video for this product: https://youtu.be/Jp5y4k_RcW4

Required routes: S-Bahn Rhein-Main, Cologne Airort Link, Munich-Augsburg

Required addons: Karlsruher Train (virtual Railroads), Trainteam Berlin Scenario Package 2 (TTB)

Features: 10 scenarios, more than 9 hours of gameplay, train announcements, use of original timetables, varied scenarios.

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