SP-Munich-Mittenwald (DTG)

SP-Munich-Mittenwald (DTG)

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In the first tour you drive a BR111 EL from Munich over Garmisch-Patenkirchen to Mittenwald. For this package you need the Mittenwaldbahn from DTG.

You drive back with the Wittenberger Steuerwagen to Munich. As the BR111 is not compatible with the Steuerwagen, this train uses the BR 110 El BF, which is a part of the package of vR.

All scenarios have announcements and use the original timetables of 2017.

Features: 4 hours fun, many AI-traffic, announcements, the trains use the original timetables.

Required Addons: Bnbdzf/BR110 EL BF verkehrsrot (vR), BR 111 verkehrsrot (vR), BR 442 (Steam), TTB scenario package 2 (M-A).

Required routes: Munich-Garmisch, Mittenwaldbahn (both DTG)

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