SP1 for Berlin - Leipzig

SP1 for Berlin - Leipzig

Product no.: R1006
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You drive diffrent scenarios with various weather between Berlin and Leipzig. Most of the scenarios use the original timetable from 2015. Often they are very strict and it is not easy to be punctual. But you will manage it.


In six of 10 scenarios you drive rolling stock of the EL-serie of virtual railroads. (2x BR120 IC EL, 2x111 Dostos EL, 2x 140 Falns EL).

All peronal trains has the announcements, of course.

Reaquired Addons:

Route Berlin - Leipzig (vT)


Talent 2 (BR 442) (DTG)

BR 155 (DTG)

BR 120 / Bpmbdzf IC EL

BR 111 Dostos EL

DB BR 140 EL Falns

KDS 54

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